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Plans for the 3rd International Encounter of the Lay

March 31, 2016

Good day everyone!
I am Eleazar D. Solas (Caesar) from the Philippines. I was one of the participants of the 2nd International Encounter of the Lay in Belo Horizonte, Brazil last 2012.
Following this beautiful tradition of the Family of St. Mother Candida, we (the lay in the Philippine Region of Indico-Pacific Province), initiate plans for the 3rd International Encounter which we hope to hold here in the Philippines. We hope to involve all of you in this planning process.
Thus, please give us your comments with regard to our initial theme and objectives. Please send us your suggestions, additions or affirmations. We will truly be glad to hear from all of you.
Please indicate your NAME and COUNTRY, along with your reply.
Thank you! Obrigada! Gracias! Salamat!

This is our proposed THEME:
Shared Mission: Family of Mother Candida United by her Charism and Spirituality
These are our OBJECTIVES:
1. To reflect and deepen our understanding and appreciation of Shared Mission in our lives as members of the family of Mother Candida (taken from the Letter of the Superior General to the Lay No. 7)
2. To heartily accept the call of the Church to be “the family of Mother Candida” in the two distinct vocations (taken from 17th GC No. 24)
3. To strengthen networks and sense of union among the members of the family of Mother Candida (taken from the Final Words of the Superior General during the 2nd IEL)
Below are the members of the team, together with our Provincial Superior, Sr. Thelma Barbarona (seated at the center). This was taken during our first meeting.