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Rekindling the flame as educators in our schools

March 29, 2017

From the Team of Educational Works of Spain-Italy, forming part of the Provincial Training Plan, the following proposal has been launched this term: a meeting for those teachers who are between 15-25 years as educators of our schools.
The objective of this meeting has been to pause, to make us aware of the importance of our daily task, our trajectory as educators in the schools of the Daughters of Jesus and, above all, revitalize the vocation of educator, rekindle the flame that keeps us in this exciting task.
A first edition of this meeting was held on November 11 to12. The second was last weekend, Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25. About 30 participants from each edition, from 14 schools in the Province, were able to enjoy very emotional moments of great depth, with spaces for thinking, sharing and living intensely the vocation of the teacher, feeling at all times the great family that we all form the community of the Daughters of Jesus. Rosa Romo FI (“Colegio Mª Virgen”, Madrid) and Daniel Sánchez (“Colegio Hijas de Jesús”, Pamplona) were in charge of streamlining training.

By Daniel Sánchez
See video of the Gymkhana of the last meeting


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