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Renewal Course 2023. Nine Days of Spiritual Exercises

October 20, 2023

We are still here, after a few days apart and in silence. We had the great gift of nine days of Spiritual Exercises which, as our Constitutions say, are a privileged help “on the path of divine service”. With that conviction, we have had a careful preparation: a time of reading and reflection on the life of St. Ignatius and on our own life which allowed us to verify the vital moment in which we find ourselves; and, one prayerful visit to the Chambers of St. Ignatiuswith the enthusiastic and clear guidance of Gloria Albiac, FI. There, we entrust ourselves to God, through the Holy One, to be placed with the Son in these EE.

As we wish to share with you what we have received in this experience, we gather the fruits and graces of some sisters, in their own words:

  • Invited to let the Principle and Foundation (EE23) become my attitude and my principle.
  • I wish I could be more generous, when I go out into life, in the mode of the 3rd degree of humility (EE168).
  • Called to care for the relationship with Jesus Christ and with the sisters.
  • It was a moment of deep listening to his word felt in my heart by faith and hope, that I am a creature of God who is still called to serve and love him… I felt the invitation to live growing in humility, wisdom and in the grace of Jesus Christ, being weak and human with the most needy.
  • These days of the Exercises were for me the strength, the energy to get closer to God and to feel the softness of His love and tenderness.

We are very grateful for the simple and attentive accompaniment of Fr. Claudio Paul, sj and Inés Ma, FI. . Of course, without a doubt, also to you who have accompanied us with your prayers, especially for the community of the Curia, for the favorable environment that you have made possible.

Don’t think we are resting. No. Our fifth week is proving to be very busy. We continue with the IFCs. Now with the parts that, in our intention, are the first ones (VIII, IX and X), as indicated in the proem (CFI 4). As this moment is being animated by our Superior General, Graciela Francovig Graciela Francovig, gives us the possibility to live it as a true dialogue of sisters, in trust, touching life, from a great love for the body of the Congregation. Next week we promise to tell you more about what we are being given from these parts of the IFC.