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Renewal Course. Coming to the end…

October 27, 2023

We promised to tell you more about our days dedicated to the union of souls, government and good will in our Constitutions . Those four days have gone by very quickly. The dynamics to which, our Superior General, Graciela Francovig has encouraged us to make it possible for us to make a prayerful reading of these parts, reviewing our personal commitment, as well as our community and/or provincial practices and criteria. In the light of number 331, we have finished our deepening, with the desire that the Constitutions be, for each one, light and guide in the way of the Lord. We are committed to not in our cupboards and on our shelves, but rather, to to conserve them, and keep them alive and kicking with our lives.

Javi Montes, sj who has come from Spain, where he is part of a house that hosts homeless people and people with complicated situations, from his practice and social formation has helped us to make a rereading of Fratelli Tutti and Laudato si. We have shared a lot of good practices and commendable efforts that are being made, in our locations. This has filled us with hope and joy, but, on the other hand, we realize the need to do much more at the macro level, for creation and peace, for example, and we feel a certain impotence in the face of this. We agree that these two Encyclicals are a true expression of our charismatic trait of Filiation, therefore, our commitment is twofold.

Finally, we spent two days working intensely on forgiveness and reconciliation. We were accompanied by H. Maite Valls, rjm . In an atmosphere of great trust and respect, we have been willing, with great openness, to take advantage of the exercises and dynamics proposed. We have felt how forgiveness truly gives freedom and life to us and to others with whom we relate. Undoubtedly, as our Determinations indicate, we are invited to the reconciliation and healing of relationships (GCXVIII 17) so necessary in our world today.

We ended these days visiting the museum of Mother Candida, encouraged to contemplate and penetrate into the feeling of Mother Candida and her life through the objects of the place, by Ana Baeza, FI Superior of the Casa Curia. We closed the visit with a heartfelt fraternal community prayer.

We are almost at the end of our course, but we still have some activities to make a good closing. So, we are left with one last report. Wait for it!