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Renewal course. Yes, yes… Finito

November 3, 2023

Meaningful experiences are known for their careful initiation and closure. This one of ours fits in there. The route of departure of this time has allowed us to gather the fruits, the opportune thanksgiving, the feast and the sending forth. For this we had quality time for dialogues with the Superior General, group pilgrimage, prayerful evaluation, closing, meeting on the experience of the Synod, visit to the Regina Pacis house. Now we can only mention these moments that have made up our closing ritual. Each one in her local community is invited to tell a little more, because the good news is to be passed on to her brothers and sisters.

Going to Assisi is always an experience of true faith shared with so many pilgrims who with such piety and devotion set foot on that sacred land; it is always a time to feel Francis and let ourselves be confronted by him, by his radicalism in following Jesus, by his coherence of life. Assisi gave us the gift of a beautiful community day filled with God.

The morning of prayerful evaluation allowed us, among other things, to summarize our thanksgiving in something meaningful to each of us. In sharing it, we participate in a common feeling: the Lord has gone out to us, making communication possible beyond the difficulties of language and, in a special way, the Constitutions are a source of consolation and light for our lives. On this day, we enjoyed an endearing after-dinner moment with the General Government in a family conversation.

The closing ceremony began with the words of our Superior General, Graciela Francovig FI, with which she sends us and encourages us to bring to life what we have experienced here. Thank you Graciela and with you and in you we thank all the sisters of the Council and of the Curia House who have accompanied us more closely during this time. After this, we continued with the Eucharist, giving thanks to God because he has made a way with us and in us. He made us taste the internationality of the Body and once again placed us on the way out, sending us to be an impulse of hope and consolation along the way, as expressed in our Determinations. Finally, we had a delicious lunch shared with all the sisters of the Curia House in a simple, familiar and festive atmosphere .

Thanks to all of you who have accompanied us during this time with your prayers. We remain united.