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Saint Ignatius of Loyola

July 29, 2022


Today, 31 July, marks the end of the Ignatian Year in which we have celebrated, with the Society of Jesus, the anniversary of the wound suffered by Ignatius of Loyola in Pamplona. It is the fifth centenary of an experience that transformed him forever and gave rise to a spirituality that has facilitated the encounter with God of a multitude of people from generation to generation. The Daughters of Jesus is part of this spiritual stream.

“In addition to remembering a historical event of universal importance, we live it as an opportunity to actualize that experience in ourselves, in our relationship with God, with others, and with creation. (Ignatius 500)

Ignatius was a tireless seeker of God’s will. With Christ and like Christ. For himself and for the group. Alone and with others.

Celebrating this 31st of July hand in hand with Ignatius and the anniversary of Pamplona invites us to review our wounds and to be grateful for how the Lord has transformed us through them. In the same way, it invites us to welcome the wounds of today: those of our world, those of my country, those of the Congregation, those of my community, my family, my work group, my own… and to continue searching for where the Lord wants to take me/us.

As Mother Candida’s Family, the first Call of GC XVIII resonates with us: “To put into practice discernment in common so that our apostolic projects respond to the most universal good and to the greatest needs”. May it be so, so that our projects, like those of St. Ignatius of Loyola, respond to God’s will.

From HERE you can join the closing of the Ignatian Year or in English.