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Second experience of the Novitiate

April 5, 2017

In the early stages of formation, the Constitutions reflect a special insistence on living abnegation, considered indispensable in laying the foundation of the being of the Daughter of Jesus who is being structured in her person and whose meaning is learned mainly in experience … (No.24 of the General Formation Plan)
I thank God our Father for the experience of this time in which he was bestowing his grace, giving encouragement, because I was feeling his invitation to get ready every day to live it as self-denial. I can now find it in my life in another way, in making the experience with the certainty that the joy of the heart lies in sharing, that which in daily life we learn to be and discover in the small details, that in a thousand ways can express others.
This time shared was a true gift from God; and now, more than names and faces that became familiar to me, I stay with the experience of each day lived among them. The grace of having been able to know them, to exchange what we are, to know that Life is Gift to be lived and to be shared with those we meet in our journey, knowing that they will remain in our lives forever and that every moment they were reminding me of how beautiful and wonderful it is to be a creature of God, loved by Him.

Nancy Margarita Martínez Guilarte

I want to thank the Lord for the experience of abnegation and with it all the fruits harvested; for me it was a gift of God to live it in Lent. With the invitation of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, in his message for this time: to look at the other as a gift and I the complement, especially the most needy, who are less looked upon, because every day of the experience I was able to experience and receive with great intensity the gift that each and every one was for me. And in the surrender to the other I was able to discover the face of Christ, inviting me to go out of myself. At the conclusion of this experience, I bring a smile and a grateful heart for everything I have experienced.
I am immensely grateful to each sister who accompanied us with her prayers, strengthening and encouraging us, especially those closest to us, who were expressing their interest as we were sharing our experiences.

Mariana Coelho Damasceno