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“Short and Sweet” News

March 17, 2017

SMAD (Stella Maris Academy of Davao) was the venue of the encounter of the Community of Cebu – Mindanao.
The first to arrive early morning of March 12 was Mother General, Ma. Inez Furtado, Sisters Jocelyn Salomo and Felisa Molina. After a brief rest, Mother General started her visit to the sisters. She had individual conferences with the sisters in Lasang and SMAD. Then we had our dinner in Abreeza. Mother General finished her dialogue with the sisters late in the afternoon of March 13. We had a glimpse of our sisters and their apostolic work in the provinces of Brazil – Caribe and America Andina for one and a half hours. Sister Jocelyn brought us to these places by means of the PowerPoint presentation at our new conference hall. Thank God we are grateful and happy.
March 14, our sisters from El Salvador arrived at breakfast time. In the morning, Mother General together with other three sisters visited Msgr. Julius Rodulfa, the representative of Archbishop Romulo Valles at the latter’s residence. The communitarian encounter of Cebu-Mindanao with Mother General was at 2:45 in the afternoon. It was the most awaited moment for us, not only because of Mother General but also because we would be speaking in our Spanish. After the prayer in Spanish led by Sister Edhen everybody was quiet and Mother General broke our silence by asking our questions. A brave sister asked her question without a translator. Then, many more questions were asked. Mother General recapped all our questions and responded them using beautiful PowerPoint presentations with creative animation. She underscored essential elements of religious life: relationship with Jesus, community life, and apostolic work especially our shared mission with the lay, etc. It seems that the group was captivated by Mother General’s repeated word for us:
“Parecer a Jesus” “Parecer a Jesus”
From now on, this is our signature quote
Very early in the morning of March 15, Mother General and Sister Thelma, our Provincial Superior flew to Manila.
“Praise the Lord!” We are grateful and joyful!

By Sister Lina V. Cornelio fi