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Solemnity of the Epiphany

January 5, 2022

We celebrate the Epiphany, from the Greek, “manifestation”. In the West we remember the visit of the Magi, so the Lord “manifests” himself to the pagans, therefore, to the world. In the Eastern Churches, this solemnity underlines the Trinitarian “manifestation” during the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan.

If at the center of Christmas Day is the birth of the Child, in the Epiphany it is emphasized that this poor and weak Child is the Messiah, the manifestation of God to the world, the Lord.

The Epiphany not only manifests Jesus, the Son of God but reveals hearts, showing that the Savior can be welcomed (as the shepherds and Magi did) and also rejected (Herod). In each of us, there is a part that is like the Magi and another that is like Herod: there is a part of us that is always willing to set out on the road, to know and understand, to grow and improve, to surpass ourselves; but there is also a Herod who is always willing to destroy dreams and hopes. The Magi teach us that life is a journey that asks to be lived like Jesus, and a Herod who deceives and flatters us by saying that success and power are the only things that count. (Source: Vatican News)

With the Epiphany the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled, which the liturgy chooses as its first reading: “Arise and clothe yourself with light, because your light is coming” (Is 60:1ff) as if to say: do not close yourself, do not be discouraged, do not remain a prisoner of your convictions, do not be demoralized, react, look up! Like the Magi, look at the stars and you will find “the star” Jesus.

Happy Solemnity of the Epiphany!