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Special attention to youth

February 1, 2017

In the last circular letter of the Provincial of Spain-Italy, Mª Carmen Martín FI communicates that she has just appointed Pakea Murua FI as delegate for Youth and Vocation Ministry (PJV). This is a further step in the invitation that our Determination of the 17th General Congregation makes to us: with special attention to youth. For this reason, Mª Carmen Martín indicates that this concern “has to be everyone’s, wherever we are, whatever we do and whatever age we are in. It would be good for each community to reflect on the vocational culture; let us talk about this subject and consider our little commitment. Although it seems to us that there is very little we can do, it is better than nothing. And prayer is no small thing, and neither is the testimony of our community life. ‘Living together as friends in the Lord nourishes our vocation and can encourage others to enter the Society’, say the Jesuits in Decree 1 of their recent General Congregation. This holds true for us as well.”
She also reports that “the PJV provincial team is considering new approaches, also with new members. María Polo (laywoman), administrator and educator at the “Colegio Mayor Montellano”, Salamanca, has joined this team. Another Daughter of Jesus and another layperson is expected to join for the next term.”