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We bring out the best in each person, in a place of great diversity and different cultures. We feel like sisters in the world.

Taiwan is a place that respects diversity and accepts different cultures, we are all brothers and sisters in the world. Today, aborigines, Minnan people, Hakka and “new immigrants” coexist, thus forming Taiwan’s multiculturalism that sometimes leads to an identity crisis for the new generation.

The loyalty, filial piety, benevolence and love of this culture are intertwined with the filial love, friendship and courage of Mother Candida‘s charism.

The Daughters of Jesus in Taiwan awaken Jesus in the heart, bringing out the best in people through our presence in schools, universities and parish groups, in purity and simplicity. Our warm and enthusiastic approach leads us to give with joy without fear of difficulty in the work.


With a community


In a community with two houses: Casa María Antonia in Xinzhuang and Casa Santa Cándida María de Jesús in Neihu.

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