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August 15, 2017

The celebration of the Feast of Saint Candida Maria de Jesus, the Foundress of the Hijas de Jesus Congregation in Ciudad Nuevo, Naic, Cavite was not only a memorable event but above all a very significant and soul-lifting experience of her tangible presence in this particular place. It was the first time that her Feast was celebrated in Ciudad Nuevo and the newly made statue was brought in procession around the place.
When the procession started the song: “Where There Is No Place for My Poor There Is no Place for Me”, was played, I felt profoundly the sentiments of overwhelming joy and satisfaction of Mother Foundress for such gesture of ardent love and fervent devotion that the simple people manifested to her. I could almost hear her saying: “I am tremendously happy and well pleased with the sincere devotion and love of these people for me that they wanted me to with them and this is precisely what my heart is telling me to make my presence tangible to them.
True enough the procession of her statue around the place accompanied by eight Hijas de Jesus Sisters, the parish priest, faculty and staff of Manresa School and the parishioners was the visible and tangible realization of her desire to be with the simple people of Ciudad Nuevo. She was brought to the different corners of the place where the people eagerly waited to see her. It was a very touching scene to see the simple people beaming with unspeakable joy and satisfaction upon seeing her passing their area. She had really captured their hearts.
The event was highlighted with the Eucharistic celebration presided by Rev. Fr. Nestor Isagani Avinante, the parish priest of our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. In His homily he expressed his profound gratitude and contentment for the presence of Saint Candida Maria de Jesus in his parish whom he proudly proclaimed as the secondary Patron Saint to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. Without doubt Saint Candida Maria de Jesus was also happy and contented to be together with Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the Patroness and Guiding Star of the Congregation. 

Sr. Florencia Constantino fi