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The commencement of the Renewal Course 2018

September 12, 2018

19 nouns that renew life: impetus, encounter, universality, love first, gratitude, spirit, mission, body, openness, listening, trust, silence, reception, fidelity, fortification, net/network, community, grace, disponibility.

10 verbs that invite to walk:  be, live, deepen, respond, accommodate, give, listen, share, cooperate, know.

7 adjectives that accompany life:  profound, happy, different, slow, universal, free, disponible.

2 adverbs that modify actions:  profoundly, slowly/gradually.

Yes that 19 Hijas de Jesus present in 10 countries:  Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, China, Brazil, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Mozambique and Spain, of which 7 different nationalities:  Filipino, Chinese, Brazilian, Dominican, Uruguayan, Mozambican, Bolivian and Spanish, start a congregational adventure on 6th of September:  the Renewal Course.

2 sisters accompany us:  Clara Echarte as Coordinator of the group and Maria Teresa Hu as the translator for the Chinese Sisters.

And we are welcomed by the sisters of the different houses of their beautiful land, Belo Horizonte, making us feel that any place where Hijas de Jesus are, is our home.

More life to share, to celebrate, to sort out. . .

Lots of gratitude for all that was lived and for what we are presently living here sharing the universalism of the body-congregation.

Many dreams to conquer to realize a new religious life that gives life, life in abundance.

Beatriz Neff, Adriana Xavier da Silva y Rachel Bade


Curso de Renovación,  Belo Horizonte 2018