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February 4, 2016

The existing presence of the Daughters of Jesus in the diocesan Caritas of Tui-Vigo (Spain) responds to a present that continues from a process experienced in the past. The contact with the people of the district of Barreiro (Cabral), the problems of the students and the families of the schools in which we were present (Hijas de Jesus School – Barreiro and C.P. Fontescura, where our evangelizing mission developed) made us feel the need for networking and, specifically, collaborating from the charitable and social action of the Church, Caritas.

We began from the program with the gypsy community, camping with children and youth from the parishes, community animation, extended to the parochial Caritas. A Sister who is a social worker, from diocesan Caritas, had work at a reception center at the Parish of the district.

They collaborated in the immigrant program as volunteer Sisters working in coordination, reception, presence and follow-up in the apartments that Caritas had in the city. The tenement of Barreiro for about five years hosted a program of preliminary reception and support of single-parent immigrant families. The Congregation sent a sister, social worker and volunteer sisters.

At present we are two Daughters of Jesus collaborating. One in preliminary reception, which is the first contact a person has with Caritas, and the other, from the social action program, performing tasks of reception and support.

Our presence at Caritas is a real and close contact with the most vulnerable persons in our society, that stimulates, questions, and challenges us… it keeps us “going forth”.

In the process of the amplified Community of Galicia, we are aware that this presence must be assumed in the Mission Project; such is our experience in these first steps.