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The education our world needs

November 16, 2023

It is a joy to see the seal of the Global Education Pact (GEP) on the schools in the Dominican Republic run by the Daughters of Jesus. We have been informed of the addition of four new schools: Escuela Virgen del Carmen, in La Ciénaga, Santo Domingo; Escuela Laboral La Inmaculada, in Cotuí; Escuela Laboral Virgen de las Mercedes and Escuela Técnica San Martín de Porres, in Santiago de los Caballeros. Half of “our” schools in the world are already on this path.

The PEG highlights these seven needs of our world:

  1. To put the person at the center, to bring out his or her specificity.
  2. Listening to the voice of children, listening to the younger generation.
  3. Full participation of girls and young women, promoting women.
  4. Making the family, the primary educator, responsible.
  5. To be open to welcome, to open ourselves to the most vulnerable.
  6. Renewing the economy and politics, educating for another development model.
  7. Caring for the common home, protecting its resources and respecting the environment.

The Vademecum is a document that explains it simply.

At the end of 2022, we encouraged the schools that follow Mother Candida’s way of educating to join this concern of Pope Francis, to get to know his proposal and ask ourselves if we are committed to it. As a sign of affirmative response , the Covenant logo is placed in visible places such as the entrance to the Center, its website, letterheads of documents, etc. This is how we enter STAGE I. It doesn’t matter that we didn’t go in at the time. There is always time to do it! Schools are only asked to submit a photo reflecting their membership and a brief communication. And so, through this website, we will communicate who joins us.

Signing a covenant is not enough. To carry it forward, a STAGE II is opened, WE ANALYZE IF THE ACTIVITY AND EDUCATIONAL CLIMATE OF THE CENTER ARE IN ACCORDANCE WITH WHAT HAS BEEN SIGNED. How important it is to review the coherence with the principles that animate our life! Peace, which we need so much today, has much to do with addressing these seven issues.

María Teresa Pinto FI.