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The Educational Foundation of the Daughters of Jesus is born in Spain

November 27, 2017


After several years of reflection and discernment the Congregation in Spain has just made public the approval by the Spanish Episcopal Conference of the “Fundación Educativa Jesuitinas” [Jesuitinas Educational Foundation]. It is expected to integrate all schools in Spain from next year 2018-19.

As explained by Mª Carmen Martín FI, Provincial Superior of Spain-Italy, in a message published on the provincial website, the Foundation “has the task of ensuring, following the charism of Saint Candida María de Jesús, that our centers are a clear alternative in Christian values. With the participation of all: religious and laity, teachers and families, administration and services personnel, students, collaborators …, sharing mission and vision, it will be possible to continue with the educational intuition of Mother Candida”.
In the same line, 
la nota de prensa lanzada para anunciar dicha aprobación [the press release launched to announce said approval], states that the creation of the Foundation intends to give “an answer to the challenge of growing together with the laity in the shared mission and vision”. It also reflects that this new form of ownership of educational works “does not imply any change in regard to the communities of the Daughters of Jesus, who will continue to be present in schools and in the many apostolic works that will continue to be established wherever they are. Neither will it affect its Own Character, which will remain the same, neither to the educators nor dynamics of the centers”.

On the same day that the CEE [Spanish Episcopal Conference] announced the approval of the creation of this Foundation of private canonical character, all the families of the educational works of Spain were informed through a circular of the Provincial Superior which was also signed in each locality by the administration of the center.