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The Juniors of the Last Probation began the month of SE

January 4, 2018

“On Pilgrimage to the Heart”

We continue our pilgrimage in this experience of the Last Probation. We are a multicultural and universal community that shares life, with all our inner riches; we experience strength and encouragement to follow Jesus with inner freedom and joy.

When we finished the Mother Candida Route, we began another stage, deepening aspects of the charism given by the Spirit to our Mother Foundress and our spirituality. It has been a gift from God to feel how we are also invited today to configure our lives with that of Jesus.

Being in Rome is a real grace; we are living a strong experience of the Church, experiencing communion and diversity. It helps us to contemplate the people, so diverse among themselves, convoked by one faith, waiting for a word of hope and encouragement from our Pope Francis.

At this moment we are making ready our whole persons to live the experience of the 30-day Spiritual Exercises; for this, we have gone deeper into the autobiography of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, contrasting it with our life. We are inspired, with many expectations and above all with many desires to “enter upon … [the Spiritual Exercises] with magnanimity and generosity toward his Creator and Lord, and to offer Him his entire will and liberty, that His Divine Majesty may dispose of him and all he possesses according to His most holy will.” (Annotation 5 EE).

The Spiritual Exercises are the essence of our spirituality. Mother Cándida defended our Ignatian spirit with courage and audacity in the Church. “She, like Ignatius, discovers that Christ is the All of her existence, the center of her life and her being.”

We thank the entire Congregation for making possible this profound experience of encounter with the Lord and so many realities. We start on January 1, 2018 until the 31st of the same month. Fr. Ignacio Echarte, S.J. will accompany us.

We count on your prayers, for us to be sensitive to the loving voice of God.



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