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“Id y proclamad”: Challenges the Manresa School Community

November 4, 2019

The   educative community of Manresa School appreciates the significance of the transmission of the Apostolic Calls of the Congregation of the Hijas de Jesus that were held respectively on October 9 and 12   and which was discussed and facilitated by Sr. Ma. Leoly M. Quitorio, F.I.  and Sr. Tricia Aragon, F.I.  The message of the Provincial Superior, Sr. Emelinda C. Falsis, F.I.  on the Apostolic Calls deepened our understanding on the strengthening of faith of both the lay partners and the religious as we journey together in the mission and live the same charism of our Mother Foundress.

Te points for reflections on the calls in Apostolic Action had evoked in us diverse feelings and  we felt challenged, overwhelmed, and conscious of our limitations and at the same time there was an openness   in responding positively to the six calls in Apostolic Action. In our deep reflections, we further asked ourselves questions that need to be listened to such as: How do we equip ourselves in leading the young to make a good discernment? To what extent could we give ourselves to work on the postulates? How to get out of our way to help and be one with the moral and spiritual challenge of Laudatu Si especially on the “care for our common home “? 

As one family of Mother Candida, there was also a felt need of having more prayers in order to be courageous and firm in taking concrete steps in answering the Apostolic calls as a result of a good discernment for a greater purpose.  Thus, in making alive the shared mission, we understand the urgency   of having continuous joint formation of lay and religious and journeying in the mission that is always according to God’s will.

The transmission on Apostolic Calls challenges the Manresa School lay partners, officers of MSPA (Manresa School Parents Auxiliary) BCMF (Blessed Candida Maria Foundation ),  and the MSAA (Manresa School   Alumni Association) in supporting the  Apostolic Calls of the  18th General Congregation of the Hijas de Jesus with all humility and simplicity.  The new document of the Hijas de Jesus Congregation   has a strong message to all the lay which is to live in our vocation our faithfulness to God.  In our deep reflection on the Apostolic Calls, we need to renew our relationship with God, our commitment to our vocation and not just the responsibilities, our relationship with one another  and the care and concern for our Mother Earth , the created world where we live in.

All of us were challenged to be mindful of the message “TO GO AND PROCLAIM”.   Sr. Emelinda C. Falsis , F.I. posed a challenge to all saying : “ We run together, push ourselves forward, cooperate and give ourselves to the six years.”  With an open mind and  the  sense of mission , we place our trust and confidence in God  for everything that we have to work together as a family of Mother Candida.