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Walk, grow, thank, dream … in Barrio Lindo

November 12, 2021

In Barrio Lindo (Potosí)  the Daughters of Jesus, together with the group of women, children, young people, volunteers …, feeling day by day in MISSION, we continue WALKING. A path that becomes light, even though it is not asphalted or plain, but it is  a path with others, with others and in which we feel the strength, the full confidence that  Jesus, the Master, is tracing it, encouraging and accompanying

There are no difficulties that cannot be solved, sometimes a few helping hands are enough for the road to be paved and you can reach whichever site. In Barrio Lindo we are growing, the group of women grows, the children … the life we accompany and share with; the bonds that unite us grow and are strengthened; it grows in feeling like a family that little by little has its own name and a surname. We are sons, daughters, brothers who learn from each other and help each other and, in doing so, we feel better, stronger, and more joyful. We have done many things in recent months that have helped us GROW, I share some.

– We have learned to paint on canvas and we have enjoyed doing it. At first, it took a little to master the brush, the first strokes … but it was achieved, and they are proud of what they have achieved, of the work done. Some said they wanted to plasticize it so it wouldn’t be damaged. And there remains the desire to move forward, to learn more, to continue, together, growing.

– We have learned to sew by machine. One of the women in the group is the facilitator of this workshop. With patience and affection, she has been teaching them, first on paper, later on, on canvas. And they can already show the work done.

 – They have also learned, helped by another of the women in the group, machine weaving. They feel very happy to be able to do it, and they express it. They have knitted, shawls, cool, vests, blankets, sweaters… And they are still willing to continue to surpass themselves and learn new things.

– And, as it could not be otherwise, crochet knitting is still something important for the group. With that learning, the group was born, with a crochet needle and combining, colors, threads, and drawings, while sharing stories, dreams, and projects. Knitting is our thing and KNITTING LIFE is what we do best.

– In this growth, the field was further expanded with the gastronomy workshop. Sister Basilia accompanied them in this learning and enjoyed with the women, cooking and tasting what they were doing: bread, cake, cheese rolls, tucumanas, pastas,  tawas tawas,maicillos… All of the gastronomy of this land

– One last learning, no less important, is the Literacy workshop. Many of the women who came from the countryside, without the possibility of going to school, have already begun to read and write, little by little, step by step, but with great enthusiasm and joy. Sister Basilia goes from house to house. As you can see, teaching is personalized. The most beautiful thing is that in the houses they are not alone, there are their children who encourage the mothers and at the same time are helped in their schoolwork. In times of pandemics and without means to virtually follow classes, they have a very difficult time and they are very grateful for this help.

And you cannot talk about the way of the Daughters of Jesus in Barrio Lindo without talking about THE CHILDREN, with them we have walked and many times they have taken us by the hand on the way. Our presence summons and fills these children with joy and we enjoy with them, we feel encouraged and strengthened to see them happy. When resuming the activities there are many things that are being done, counting on volunteers, some from the same Barrio Lindo.

Playing with them, something so important for the development of a child is not just playing, it is making them feel that they are important, that each one is valued, that time is dedicated to them and we enjoy seeing them enjoy.

School support, so necessary in these times of pandemic.

The snack, which they need and look forward to with joy. This year we intend to make it more “nutritious”. Some of the women, who have already learned to make bread, help Sr. Basilia prepare the children’s snack.

We thank God very much for so much life as we share in Barrio Lindo. The words at the beginning: WALK, GROW, THANK, DREAM… they are realized and wished on a day-to-day basis.

We continue to dream, little by little, building Kingdom, with others, in the style of Santa Cándida and with her we say:


 Mª Carmen Caballero FI – Comunidad de Occidente (Bolivia)