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Walking… in Venezuela

August 24, 2020

Leaders of the Pastoral Care of Early Childhood in the sectors of María Alejandra, January 26, Simón Bolívar and the three Barrios have visited the community to deliver the help that the World Health Organization has sent to the poorest families, more devoid of the minimum necessary, so that they can face this pandemic. In this case, hammocks and hammocks are delivered to families that have members in their homes sleeping on the ground, so that the living conditions of these most vulnerable families can be improved.

 The Leaders of the PPI select, from the families of our Projects, those most in need and who are experiencing these specific circumstances to bring them the help that had been received for them.

The best thing about this experience that we have lived has been to see the joy of each family in giving them help and to see that the need they really had was solved and thus be able to bring a smile to each child of those families.


We, as Early Childhood Pastoral Leaders, thank the people who send these grants. It is nice to see in each boy or girl, in each man, in each woman, the face of Jesus, to feel that we walk with him, that together we continue his work by sowing a light of hope in each home.

PPI’s Leaders – Villa del Rosario (Venezuela)