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We are very close – Synod July 2023

July 10, 2023

On the synodal journey from Rome

It is already a cliché to say that time flies, but it is that real. The synodal process continues its rhythm and we are approaching the Assembly of the first stage, October 2023, at a speed that we could not have imagined when we began in the first days of October 2021.

Now everything has become closer to us as we have completed the phases indicated in the process: diocesan, continental and we have in our hands the document-synthesis of the 7 continental assemblies, which will be the Instrumentum Laboris for the aforementioned Assembly.

And this is a great novelty of the Synod of Synodality, because in the previous Synods, when we arrived in the hall, we were already given a prepared document from which the work began.

We can now say that it is a truly synodal document, made by many hands, eyes and hearts, because the invitation to participate was universal, like the Church, and no one who wanted to contribute their grain of sand was prevented from doing so.

Maybe that is why it is being well received, because we feel reflected in what has been collected, we are and feel that we are part of its elaboration and that we have participated -it seems a play on words- in its elaboration . our sense of belonging to the church grows, it becomes more adult, more co-responsible, with that critical lucidity of wanting to contribute to a more evangelical church, or what is the same thing, more inclusive and welcoming to all types of people.

This Document has already been presented in many forums and continues to be presented, in as many ways as possible today, which shows the interest in knowing it and getting into it in order to continue contributing until October.

It is true that some voices of negative criticism, of passive resistance, of omission, of attack are still present; this is part of the path, of plurality, but they should not stop the march of a process that is opening its way in the light and under the strength of the Spirit.

We continue to hear cries and whispers from our world that cry out for a church that is more welcoming of these messages, more attentive to making the pains and joys of the world its own.

We are waiting for the names of the participants in the next Synodal Assembly in October to be announced and, in the meantime, the Ecumenical Prayer Vigil to be held in St. Peter’s Square on September 30, with a universal invitation, has already been announced.

Afterwards, on October 1, 2 and 3, the participants in the assembly will have spiritual retreat days in preparation for the assembly. It will take place in the Paul VI Hall, which has been prepared for the occasion with round tables to facilitate spiritual conversation, listening and discernment, elements that cannot be missing.

María Luisa Berzosa González, FI