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We celebrated in Málaga…

April 3, 2016

Yesterday, April 2, the amplified community of Málaga gathered to celebrate two important things: the memory of Rosarillo and the conclusion we have reached in developing our Common Mission Project.
In Juana Josefa, the “I am for God alone” began to take shape, to materialize: being of God and being for others. 147 years have passed since that inspiring beginning and the Spirit continues to keep the charism alive. Today we feel convoked to be with Him and be sent to announce the Good News, to practice mercy and compassion, humble service … with a project of common mission that we have built together, step by step, through our reflection, dialogue, prayer and discernment. It involves making the journey together with different rhythms … The symbols that we kept in mind (shoes, crutches, walkers, etc.) reflected our real possibilities for walking, which is what is important; the point is not to remain stationary. Each has contributed a bit to get to this point. In a sense it is finished, but the same project invites us to wonder and question, which is the same as to keep searching.
There is a variety of tasks, a diversity of ages and mentalities that are mixed with the strengths and weaknesses … According to the call of the 17th GC we wish to be able to transform the difficulties into opportunities. We shall try to do so with depth because we are invited once more to evangelize with passion and joy. We want to bring it to life with all five senses: seeing, hearing, touching reality, tasting and perceiving what surrounds us. And in the midst of our simplicity, to try to be a community that opens doors, creates communion and exercises mercy with an attitude of service to others. Thus do we want and desire it!!!
Almost coinciding with the sunset of this spring day, we finished with a dinner snack which could not miss the anchovies of Málaga which also give a boost to the joy of our land.
Happy Easter to all!!!

Mª Dolores Giménez FI