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We put 2023 under the protection of Mary

December 30, 2022


Today’s Gospel tells us:

They found Mary and Joseph and the child. And after eight days, they named him Jesus. (Luke 2,16-21)

Mary welcomes the voices of the shepherds, poor people who have something to transmit to her from God and embraces reality with a heart that is increasingly receptive and permeable to divine ways. The joy of the shepherds, her praise, joins the one she is living.

Celebrating the motherhood of Mary is also immersing ourselves in that current of blessing and happiness, of gratitude for the life that is given to us through the fragile and vulnerable of the world, in those places below where God shows us his favor. .

As we begin this year, let us place our lives under the name of Jesus and under the protection of Mary, a pacified and pacifying woman. Let us give her the new time that is offered to us, let us slowly pass through her heart what we hear and see, and ask for the grace to discover in our daily walk the incipient signs of the God of the small and simple. May God gestate within our hearts new words of blessing, of hugs, that open this new year to hope and a peace from which no one is excluded.

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