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What is it for me to be a Daughter of Jesus today? By Pilar Brufal fi

December 8, 2016

Asking myself what it is for me to be a Daughter of Jesus is like the question that Jesus asked his own, who do people say I am? And you, who do you say that I am? My answer would be like that of Peter, you are the Christ. Everything that I experience, feel and know of God passes through the life of Jesus of Nazareth, through his words and actions, His way of living.
To be a daughter of Jesus is to follow Him, Jesus, to respond to His life proposal. It is to walk day by day with my eyes fixed on Jesus, allowing my life to be confronted by His. It is to be a disciple and to reproduce His traits.
Three of Jesus’ traits that I strongly feel directed at me: mercy, tenderness and forgiveness; I feel called to be mercy, tenderness and forgiveness for others. A plan of life, a way of building the Kingdom urged by the reality of our suffering world. Our daily realities, the near and the global ones, are full of suffering Christs. To be a daughter of Jesus is not to pass by. It is to accompany all those realities to which we are sent.
Being a daughter of Jesus is concretized in belonging to a congregational body that is universal, poor, small but daring to always live “going forth”. From audacity and creativity to being germ of the Kingdom of God out of what is small.
Being a daughter of Jesus passes through my weaknesses and inconsistencies. It is an unfinished, unaccomplished journey. Ongoing formation, the personal encounter with the Lord and the neighbor, the availability to the congregational body is what allows me to renew my Yes day to day. And be happy and do my part to make this world a little more just and happy, more filled with God in his tenderness and mercy.

Pilar Brufal fj
From Bolivia