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Presenting a horizon of meaning

Where to grow and meet


To educate is to live the privilege of accompanying the person -together with the family- in his first steps, so that he can get to know himself, discover the importance and dignity of others, so many things… and above all, to present a horizon of meaning in which he can find himself.

Promoting educator unity

Prior to GC XVIII, the General Government was anxious to encourage the union of school activity. The GC leaves us with the call to promote the union of educators. Since education is a special means of evangelization for the Daughters of Jesus, without losing sight of this call, we held a meeting of educators on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of our foundation. Just between the two events, in September 2019, Pope Francis was calling to “Rebuild the Global Education Pact.” Its objective: “to rekindle the commitment for and with the younger generations, renewing the passion for a more open and inclusive education, capable of patient listening, constructive dialogue and mutual understanding”. A Team was needed to PROMOTE the UNION OF EDUCATORS, to reflect on the challenges that the world presents to us. And here is the Pact.



As a result of the Educators 150 Meeting, with the strength of the GC’s call, the Daughters of Jesus were very clear about our adherence to the Global Education Pact, but it is not enough. A movement of “going out of the Center” is indispensable and that each educational work has to do.

Educators are at the moment of knowing what the Pact means for them, for each educational work, and to ask themselves if they assume the commitment. While some have already taken further steps and are ahead of the curve, others are just at that point.

The team

The Team is made up of six educators belonging to the five Provinces of the world. Some are religious and others are lay: Belcy Jaimes, Cassia Lara Neves de Araújo, Elena García de la Cera, Gemma Doguiles FI, Petra Wu FI, Rosallie Idulsa and Mª Teresa Pinto FI, general counselor and coordinator.