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April 27, 2017

We retrieved this article from Mª Luisa Matamala fi who wrote as we celebrated the 90th anniversary of the death of Mª Antonia Bandrés. Today is a good time to reread it and pass it through the heart; thanks Marisa for her words, so from the inside.

I was asked to write something about Antoñita Bandrés in this tribute to the congregation wants to give ninety years on the anniversary of his death. Admittedly, at first thought not to accept the request: I could say Antoñita already said in the book I wrote about it – “Natali talks about Antoñita”- which was for me a pleasure and a joy big. But I knew how badly the refusal to collaborate on something as our…
So I think what he could in a short article. It occurred to me that I could make some comment on some event of his life that I had somehow impacted. And then I came to the memory chapter of the book is entitled “I give you wáter” In this way fulfilled two goals which I thought important. First highlighted an intuition that I believe that, somehow, she had the conviction that die young, and, in turn, could also talk about Natalia, her sibling, and also Daughter of Jesus. What I believe you’ll be pleased to Antoñita because the two are much wanted.
A Antoñita not met in his mortal life, but to Natalia. When I was inside the Immaculate College in Salamanca, I treat it on occasion. Today, referring to his memory, come to my mind, his figure, his sympathy, his apostolic zeal in the proclamation of Jesus Christ… do not miss a great opportunity to evangelize and small.
Antoñita died very young after their first votes, failed to meet one year of junior. I said something earlier about a possible presentiment of his death, confirming the contents of the chapter that I am talking and I want to draw some conclusions:
On the occasion of their visit to their daughters the ladies of Bandrés and Olarreaga to the Novitiate of Mostenses, families want to do some photos in the beautiful cloister of Salamanca for posterity to perpetuate this warm and joyful event. Teresa -your amatxo- your warned that posaran natural, simple, without affectation. Next to the statue of the Sacred Heart girls were placed religious. Natalia took a shower and said that she miss the water rose. Then Antoñita did crack the old pulley hole and staring at his sister told him:
– ¡You pour water flowers, but I will give you water!
At that time, the phrase could go unnoticed but Natalia understand its full meaning and then capture its full meaning. With pick of the biography of Antoñita written by E. Iturbide, Natalia was deeper, little by little in these words:
“…Impressed me deeply, and can not ever forget. Now, fulfilling its promise from heaven. I notice the infinite number of times with me, settled matters to me, and getting great results out of nothing for the glory of God”.
For the decades of the fifties and sixties of last century, when Spain went out of the difficult years following the war, the Ministry of Education offered loans for civil and religious authorities who wanted to open schools, much needed at that time, mainly for middle and working classes. Natalia the superiors appointed to carry out the necessary paperwork to deal with this situation and power, according to our charism, to build Catholic schools where they train young people and children. Many religious remember, still, the comings and goings of the Ministry Natalia, the interviews he had to keep the difficulties and problems faced. One day, rolled up the stairs of a ministry… But she never surrendered.
Colleges of Usera –Madrid- and Gamarra –Málaga-, among others, are two examples of its application delivery and the cause of education and training for young people. His angel, as she called it, was always at his side. Natalia was convinced that Antoñita and helping solve problems that inevitably arose…
Some religious remember the following anecdote which I am going to count and recount that I heard more than once: In a city of Spain, the Congregation wanted to buy a plot that was on sale and seemed very intent to build a school there. At first it was possible to negotiate with the owners, and had hoped that we would soon be… But as the days passed, the difficulties increased, and so easy at first, looked unbeatable as he had received… Natalia streamline the task of buying and finishing the day went… and everything seemed to indicate that it was at an impasse. But Natalia did not give up: echo, hidden, a relic of Antoñita at that site and called to his sister, saying among other things: “Fix it yourself, just because we can do now…”
Unexpectedly, the problem in a few days was solved…
Mª del Carmen Domenech, Daughter of Jesus, in his book “Toward the summit”, he makes the following words of Antoñita to Natalia:
“You save many souls, but never be alone. At the time a soul is near you, I will be introducing you to the Virgin inspiraré from heaven you have to say. Your work on earth, but I will help you from heaven…”
These are only some examples. Antoñita died very young with only twenty-one years. But kept his promise. Sure that continues up to the sky … Now it does not help Natalia… But sure we lend a hand to all the Daughters of Jesus, his sisters, in all our missionary endeavors…

Mª Luisa Matamala FI