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A new path in Cuba

September 7, 2023

It has been more than a week since we arrived in Cuba since we set foot on this land full of contrasts, but the land that is going to be “our land” for a while.

We leave Spain with illusion, but also with the fear and uncertainty that we feel when we are faced with the unknown, and when we arrive, when we encounter reality, this welcomes us from the closeness, from the illusion, from the illusion It is a community of believers that lives and is perceived as a family where people are greeted, welcomed without haste, where it is a place to be attentive to what is happening and to feel the care and concern for others.

You may wonder if we notice the differences, if things are different, Of course, we do, and things are different, as are our families, and our communities, but we do in this difference we can perceive the great richness that diversity provides and, although it may seem untrue, the lack of almost everything makes us live more united to this town.

These are the first steps, the first moments, but in these, although very slowly, we are stepping on this reality and, with them, we are beginning this journey, this community that wants to follow in the footsteps of Mother Candida, and together with her, we are enlarging our hearts, wanting to be the seed of the Kingdom.

Rosa Orts FI and Enriqueta Seva FI