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Artificial intelligence in the light of the heart: Pope Francis’ message

January 29, 2024

Pope Francis addresses the impact of artificial intelligence on today’s society in his message for the 58th World Communications Day. It highlights the need to address the cultural change that arises from this evolution, reflecting on human specificity and the future of homo sapiens in the era of artificial intelligences.

The message highlights the importance of starting from the human heart to meet the challenges posed by artificial intelligence. Francis calls for the recovery of a “wisdom of the heart” that allows us to understand the newness of our times and to direct communication toward a fully human experience.

The Pope warns about the ambivalence of artificial intelligence, acknowledging its ability to contribute positively but also pointing out its risks and dangers. He stresses the importance of avoiding dehumanization, recalling that wisdom and humanity cannot be replaced by machines.

In terms of ethics, Francis proposes the need for international regulations for the development and use of artificial intelligence. However, he stresses that regulation alone is not sufficient and emphasizes the importance of growing together as a society and being responsible for the development and use of these technologies.

The Pope raises crucial questions about how to protect the dignity of communication workers, ensure the transparency of algorithms, and preserve pluralism in a digital environment. It also urges society to question the role of artificial intelligence in the construction of a single way of thinking and the preservation of truth and reality.

Ultimately, Pope Francis calls for reflection and a search for wisdom that preserves humanity in the age of artificial intelligence, stressing the importance of freedom, transparency, and respect for diversity in human communication.


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