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At St. Peter’s Plaza

February 4, 2022

St. Peter’s Square seemed empty in its immensity. But looking across its perimeter you could see a large and already very long line of men and women willing to advance as soon as the first control was opened. It opens at four o’clock and the line moves quickly. -Do any need a ticket?  -I can give. -Thank you, both. Five minutes later someone asks if they could be given one and someone replies: “Take it.”

Familiarity, diversity of languages, unexpected encounters, color, and joy, in short. In immensity, we are nothing. But if that imperceptible line is not there, there is a lack of joy and much life in the Church.

It was a day of celebration and feast; it was a Eucharist shared and lived in depth. Some in the basilica; many others on YouTube. The diversity of consecrated life and union in Christ is palpable.

In his homily, the Pope puts us before the scene of the Gospel and invites us to ask ourselves three questions:

What moves us?  By whom do we allow ourselves to be inspired primarily? What love drives us forward?

What do our eyes see?  What do we see in everyday life? What vision do we have of consecrated life? Do we have our eyes set on the past?

What do we hold in our arms?  Do we still have the capacity to be amazed?


These are questions that arise when contemplating the elder Simeon in his triple movement: letting himself be moved by the Spirit, discovering the Messiah in the small and fragile Jesus (later it will be in the smallness, fragility, and even drama of the cross) and taking Jesus in his arms.

Better than telling Francis’ meditation is to read it, pray it, and let it bear fruit in us.


VIDEO OF THE EUCHARIST (homily from minute 28’40”)

These are current words, although the days have passed since the second of February. It is worth reading them slowly, going from the hand of the Lord to the bottom of our truth, which He knows and loves. Listen to their questions, the name of the temptations Francis speaks of and pray: “Lord, renew my life in you.”