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August 9, St. Candida Maria de Jesus

August 7, 2021



Throughout this year, we remember M. Cándida as Foundress. It’s been 150 years since she started this way of following Jesus, which is to be Daughters of Jesus. “This is such a unique benefit that God makes you, that you will never thank him as he deserves.” Today is such a special day that we join in that gratitude that we will never express as it deserves, as Fr. Herranz told us on December 8, 1871. 

Today it was 109 years ago that M. Cándida died in Salamanca. We remember her final yes of August 9, 1912. Two days earlier, she had received Jesus in the Eucharist: “A thousand times I want him, “ she replied when asked if she wanted to receive Him. The diary of the house says that «the fervor with which our dear patient answered the questions of the priest, she brought abundant tears to all her Daughters, which observed by her, told them the following words:  “Do not cower, my daughters, take heart, you have to be brave. Don’t cry, my daughters.” “Trust God,” she said to her sister, M. Angela, putting her hand on her head. “Whatever God wants, whatever God wants” Her last words to the Daughters of Jesus, as recorded in the biography of Carmen de Frías:  “Daughters, have much encouragement; I carry them all in my heart and I will ask you for an increase in spirit and an increase in persons”.»

Today we celebrate because it is St. Candida. We celebrate her Daughters, we celebrate her laity, the whole family that in the Church she had been able to see in her underlining of the gospel with which she feels attuned, which animates faith and life.

Nothing better to continue thanking than to encourage us to live your last counsels:

– Don’t cower, cheer up.

– Trust God.

– Open yourself to whatever God wants.

And we joined her in asking the Lord, to ask him through Mary, or through St. Joseph in his year, and to whom he had so much devotion, increase in spirit and increase in personnel.

Happy Feast Day, Family of M. Cándida!

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