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Bolivia: “With identity and belonging, let’s live the mission”

February 2, 2017

Every year, for a long time now, the pastoral work of the centers of “
Fe y Alegría” [Faith and Joy] in Bolivia has been animated by a motto: “With identity and belonging, let’s live the mission” And a logo that is made by a group of people.

This is the 2017 logo:
– A digital fingerprint: it represents one’s personal identity and the feeling of being a person recognized by the others.
– Heart-shaped: represents one’s identity with “Fe y Alegría”.
– The face of M. Candida: the charismatic identity.
– The colors of the fingerprint: the five continents, diversity and any place of mission
– The cross: the only belonging to the mission is that of Christ. Belonging to a home, an institution, ultimately the Church.

Ma. Elena Gutiérrez, Carmen Rivero, Nieves Pérez fi and Rommy Villarroel fi



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