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Canonical Visits

April 4, 2023

Our Superior General, Graciela Francovig speaks to us in her last letter about her canonical visit to Andean America:

From February 7 to March 16 I visited Andean America, starting in Colombia, continuing in Bolivia and ending in Argentina. A province very well known to me, but one that I have found different and that I believe is growing and diminishing.

Simplicity, poverty, joy and the incarnation of the Gospel is something that can be breathed in the three countries that today make up the organization. The commitment to others in the apostolate vibrates in many places; the constant search, the thinking and rethinking of new structures and situations leads them to be always on the move.

The dynamic of common discernment in which he finds himself seems to me to be very much of the Spirit. Small steps, those that can be taken, but that generate life in the process itself. I thank the provincial government that is guiding the life and mission of this part of the Corps with great success.

One aspect that I am observing in my different visits is our life together. I question myself again and again on this subject. The way we relate to each other is a commitment to others, a way of evangelizing, a witness that makes us credible.

Now, together with the Councilor, Teresa Pinto begins a new canonical visit to the Philippines – Taiwan.