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Did you know… We are preparing to celebrate Saint Candida

August 7, 2022

August is beginning and we are preparing to celebrate the life of Saint Candida on the 9th. Many books, texts, songs, prayers… tell the story of our foundress and her legacy. This year we want to delve a little deeper into this story that is not always written, the story that passes from mouth to mouth to enlighten our hearts. To do this, for nine days we are going to share in this article and on our social networks (Facebook and Twitter) “Did you know…” about Mother Candida, her life and her mark on the world and on each person. In this way, we also want to unite the Mother Candida family from every corner of the world through anecdotes and curiosities.

If you want to share any “did you know” you can send it to: comunicacion.internacional@hijasdejesus.org


Did you know… Mother Candida considered the school to be complete when they had externs, boarders and Sunday classes.

On Sundays, the Daughters of Jesus gave classes to the women who were serving in the houses because it was the only day they were given free, these were the Sunday classes.

Did you know… Some jeepney and tricycle drivers in Maasin Iloilo, Philippines, have holy cards of Mother Candida hanging in front of them.

Drivers touch the prayer card and make the sign of the cross before they start driving.

Did you know… In a class of more than 40 students at St. James Catholic High School – Maasin Iloilo, Philippines, all of them placed the Mother Candida prayer card on their desks during exam period.

When the teacher asked them why they had placed the prayer card, the students replied: “We are also poor and we cannot read and write like M. Candida. She will intercede for us. 

Did you know… The first community of the Daughters of Jesus outside Spain was founded in Pyrenópolis, Brazil, in 1911.

Manuela Azcue, Dolores Esteban, María Sánchez, Vicenta Guilarte, Antonia Altuna and Josefa Macatzaga formed the first missionary expedition. It was a long and hard journey, but they had the satisfaction of knowing that they were doing God’s will. Every night, Mother Candida would come out onto her balcony in Los Mostenses, Salamanca, look in their direction and bless them. 

Did you know… the Mother Foundress dedicated the last part of the day, before retiring to rest, to give the blessing with the crucifix to the sisters whom she knew to be in greatest need of divine help. 

Did you know… Joso Catholic Church in Ibaraki Prefecture is the only church in Japan that has a large picture of Mother Candida hanging prominently on the side near the altar.

It is a “migrant church”. The picture of the Foundress stands alongside others showing the devotion of migrants from different countries to the statue of the Holy Child (Philippines), the Lord of Miracles (Peru), Our Lady of the Aparecida (Brazil), St. Paul Miki (Japan). The Daughters of Jesus carried out pastoral work there for 10 years.

Did you know… a Japanese woman convert to Christianity chose the name Candida Maria as her baptismal name.

Japanese Catholics often adapt the name of a saint who has inspired them to be their model and intercessor. Now, she is the principal of Akenohoshi preschool in Hayama.

Did you know… The holy card of Mother Candida was found in one of the poor houses far away from Utrail in Bangladesh even before the Daughters of Jesus lived there.

The first sisters arrived in Bangladesh on 5 April 2007 and the house in Utrail was blessed on 18 November 2007. Nori Marquez, FI tells this story: “I was surprised that when I visited a poor house far away from Utrail, I found a holy card of the Mother Foundress inserted in its bamboo wall. I asked with my little bangla if she knew the person on the holy card, the girl replied “M. Candida” and she told me that a priest she did not know had given it to her.

Did you know… The door of the chapel of Santa Cándida María de Jesús in Valladolid, Spain, has written in braille “This is my chosen one to be foundress”

In this chapel built in 2010, the year of her canonisation, is the altarpiece of the Holy Family, known as “Del Rosarillo”, the place where Juana Josefa prayed so much.

Did you know… In Andoain, Spain, there are some bakeries that, on the occasion of the canonisation of Mother Candida, created some sweets called Kandi and Kandidas.

It was an initiative of the Department of Culture that caught the enthusiasm of two local confectioners. The idea: to create pastries in honour of Ama Kandida that would also become a sign of identity of her birthplace.

Did you know… A parish in Cebu, Philippines, has the country’s first and only statue of Santa Candida that can be venerated in public.

The image of was consecrated at Sacred Heart Parish (天主教耶穌聖心朝聖地) – Gallery of Saints last August 20, 2021. The Sacred Heart community, including the student body of Sacred Heart School-Daughters of Jesus, and members of the Sacred Heart School-Daughters of Jesus Alumni Association sponsored the figure.

Did you know… The song “Let the Sun Rise” can be a song with great power through the intercession of Mother Candida.

Delia Pedroso, FI tells us this story: “In 1985, at Nazareth School (Philippines) I was teaching the children about the life of the Foundress and we were singing “Let the Sun Rise”. I told them that Mother Candida will really intercede if we sing this song, especially when there are light problems, as long as we have deep faith in God. The same day there was a light problem. Immediately Darren Lopez remembered the song I had taught them. He sang it out loud and suddenly the light came back. He could not believe and explain his feelings. The next day he came to school very early and very excited looking for me to share what had happened that night. He was very happy, very happy telling me that really M. Candida is alive”.

Little Darren has become a priest. He officiated at the Golden Jubilee Mass of the Sisters of Gloria and Caridad on 29 June 2022. 

Did you know… Mother Candida is an intercessor for women who wish to have a child.

Nori Márquez FI, tells us that she has heard many stories of married women who asked for the gift of a child through her and were blessed.

“Two years ago I gave a rosary of the Foundress with her holy card to a young woman who had been married for five years. She prayed through M. Candida and months later she became pregnant. Now, they have a two year old daughter.

Did you know… Sisters who studied Mother Candida’s pedagogy saw these three axes in her: the greater glory of God, the love of the schoolgirls and the Christian education of virtue.

Thanks to all the people who have collaborated in this initiative.