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Spain at WYD 2023

August 28, 2023

From July 31 to August 7, a group of FI Youth had the gift of participating in WYD2023Lisbon: young people from FI Youth groups, from Alcor, high school students from the Jesuitinas Educational Foundation, and young people linked to the Hijas de Jesus.

Together, young people and those accompanying them, we have made it possible to form a community and feel that we belong to the great Mother Candida family.

We give thanks for being part of the Church, and for knowing that there are many of us who want and desire to follow Jesus.

We give thanks for the bonds created, for the community we have experienced during these days, for the laughter and joy, for the moments we have shared from the heart, for the difficulties that have made us make the best of ourselves and support each other

Thank you because we have vibrated with the Pope. Thank you to the Pope, for his profound and authentic words, and for encouraging us to follow Jesus.

I personally give thanks for the FI Youth group, for being committed young people with a great desire to follow Jesus, for giving their best these days, for getting involved and building community, for the deep conversations, for the constructive criticism, for their tireless searchings…..

I remember many moments, conversations, and people… I highlight the moment when we saw the Pope less than a meter away. It was a special moment of great communion and community that we will never forget. It was exciting and helped us all.

Another moment where I felt very close to Jesus was at the Vigil before the Blessed Sacrament. A deep, welcoming SILENCE… you could feel Jesus… still remembering that moment I get excited because we were a million and a half people and all praying in silence and in an attitude of adoration, ALL THE YOUNG PEOPLE PRAYING!

These have been days of living a lot of JOY, a deep joy that comes from feeling deeply loved and sent by Jesus.

Now it is our turn to carry, share, and pass on all that we have experienced and all the gifts we have received.

I return with a very grateful heart for seeing, touching, and witnessing the passage of God in each of the young people who participated, for creating among all of us, young people and those who accompanied them, a community in which joy, simplicity, love, and service reigned.


Naike Martín Palomeque FI

(Spain-Italy YPL Coordinating Committee)