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Birth of Fr. Herranz, sj

This is the familiar name of this Jesuit priest who was born on July 5, 1819 in the city of Valladolid (Spain). In 1868, the revolution expelled the Jesuits from the Colegio Máximo de León. Miguel de los Santos San José Herranz (Fr. Herranz) decided to stay in Valladolid with his brothers. The stay among her family will be the occasion for Juana Josefa, upon her arrival in Valladolid, to meet the Jesuit who will help her discover her vocation, the teacher from whom she will learn so many things, the counselor who will provide her with guidance and strength.

Fr. Herranz was to be the great collaborator of M. Candida in the search for ways and in the realization of the project that the Lord has for both of them: to found a congregation dedicated to the education of children and youth. The foundress, M. Candida; Fr. Herranz, her faithful help even at a distance.

Sandalio García Alcalde says of him:

As for his moral person, he was a man of few words, of right and sound judgment, very sure in his advice, very prudent in his resolutions and very firm and constant in what he once determined; extremely humble and obedient, mortified to the highest degree and of unlimited confidence in God through prayer and conformity to his will.

Neither flattering nor fearful of human respect, with a lively character and temperament, but very reflective, with much self-control, kind and good-natured with everyone, frank and jovial in conversation.

In 1984, Fr. Manuel Revuelta, sj:

He was a strong and affable Spaniard, as effective as he was silent, so frugal and discreet that, having been a very active man, he has left hardly any trace in Jesuit documentation.

A man of firm faith, a true religious, obedient, he will know how to read the events that the day to day will present to him and will always trust in the provident God.

We are grateful for her life, her advice and her confidence in M. Candida to accompany her in the disproportionate mission that God entrusted to her. Candida to accompany her in the disproportionate mission that God entrusted to her.

Information extracted from the book of the Daughter of Jesus Beatriz Macarro: “El P. Miguel San José Herranz y la congregación de las Hijas de Jesús” (Father Miguel San José Herranz and the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus).
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