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Foundational inspiration in the Rosarillo

Mother Candida tells us what happened on April 2, 1869.

“That day I prayed and waited before the altar of the Holy Family in the church of Rosarillo in Valladolid, where I worked serving in the house of the Lords of Sabater. Suddenly, as if a radiant light had been kindled in my heart, I understood clearly that I had to found a new Congregation with the title of Daughters of Jesus, dedicated to the salvation of souls through the education and instruction of children and youth.

I was as if out of my mind, not being able to understand how that could be possible, and it seemed to me that Our Lady was repeating it in my ear over and over again”.

(From the book “Donde Dios te llame” (Where God calls you), by Mª del Carmen de Frías Tomero, FI).

Would you like to know where the Rosarillo altar is today? Click HERE.

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