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Give me time to delve into Determination

May 15, 2020

How important it is to remember what we are living and to take the path that has been proposed to us to deepen and integrate in our lives, the Determination of GC XVII!

For these days, I remembered that, just on May 28, we already completed 7 months of the invitation that Graciela F. our Superior General made us to reconsider, as an Ignatian repetition, the gift received through the General Congregation XVIII. Gift that was not only for those who had the opportunity to be gathered in Rome but for all of us, scattered in different places …

And he proposed a process of reflection and prayer in a plan organized in five parts, so that it leads us to celebrate with renewed vitality the 150th anniversary of the Foundation of our Institute, on December 8, 2021. Which, although it seems far away This day, time moves fast, almost without realizing it …

He fraternally told us that, with this work, what was intended was simply TO GUIDE A ROAD AT ALL LEVELS OF THE CONGREGATION, which personally encouraged me a lot, since it is not about doing and delivering work and answering guides according to the questions asked. in each one, but to let the Spirit of God touch us inside and share that life that is arising through the proposed means.

Something that Graciela clearly told us also deeply embedded in my heart, and that is that what we cannot do is not do this deepening starting at the personal level, where each Daughter of Jesus allows the Holy Spirit to lead us to her time and rhythm and, from our own concrete moment, to gradually integrate Determination into our lives.

This time of pandemic is really giving us a lot. I also became aware these days that I was having time to read, reflect and listen to various messages on various topics and … I was not giving the same time to delve into the Determination in light of the Word, which asks for time and calm. So, I prepared myself with renewed spirit to resume the orientations of the second block that I am certainly enjoying, because the Word of God is always the source of new life, light, encouragement and grace.

This second part of the plan, motivates me to greater co-responsibility, to savor that we are in a privileged time to taste, delve and let ourselves be engaged in a leap of quality as the Daughter of Jesus. It is grace! I ask God to help me and help us to live from our Constitutions and his Word this evangelical feature of poverty that “as a value is not original to Jesus, but is found in the roots of Judaism … and is present throughout history of salvation… reaching its culmination and explanation in his life, message and ministry, choosing for himself, to live poorly ”. And as we move forward in the work, we can confront him, who reveals to us the way God makes himself present to humanity and we can be better Daughters of Jesus today, which is what corresponds to us.

Teresa Ramírez, FI 
Bogotá – Colombia


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