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In the Midst of Christmas

December 28, 2020

On December 27, we received a letter from the Superior General. In it, after referring to the liturgy of the day,

Yesterday, we celebrated the feast of Christmas, Emmanuel, God with us … Today the liturgy invites us to celebrate the feast of the first martyr, Saint Stephen. The joy that characterizes the Lord’s birth seems clouded by the memory of the death of a faithful follower of his.

she communicated to us the following appointments:

Sr. Francisca María da Conceição as Mistress of Novices replacing in this service Sr. Altagracia Iris González, whom she thanked for her ability to form with dreams and enthusiasm.




– Iris returns to the Dominican Republic and is appointed the Superior of the Community in the South of that Region

Sr. María Aparecida Ramos Queiroz as Local Superior of Mozambique who until now was the Vice Superior.

   She talks  about our presence in Mozambique:

  In due course, we will share other steps we are taking in Mozambique. The meeting with the sisters is very fruitful. And it is very much valued and appreciated that these sisters remain there even when their lives are in danger. The violence keeps getting closer and closer to us and is not detained in its cruel force.



   President of the FASFI Board of Trustees: Sr. María Teresa García Román will continue to accompany the Solidarity Foundation of the Daughters of Jesus.




Sr. Magdalena Medina, from the Dominican Republic, has been sent to Bogotá where she will do a doctorate in Theology at the Javeriana University, although she will continue to belong to the Province of Brazil-Caribbean.

She talks about the readmission to the Congregation of Cinthia Malaquías Rodrigues, from Brazil. And she ends by referring, how not to do it, during the Jubilee Year that we began on December 8:

The month of December brought us many novelties and among them, the beginning of our Jubilee year, the Vigil and the Eucharist on the 8th have united us with the entire Congregation and the great Family of Mother Candida. Let us remain in these feelings of joy, of union, and of hope, that which we want to bring to others and give to each other. I conclude with the same letter from the Mother Foundress: “Let us redouble our prayers to the Lord, so that through the intercession of the Most Pure Mother and Saint Joseph he will grant it to us.”