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Letter number 33 of the Superior General

December 18, 2023

On December 15, our Superior General sent her 33rd letter to the entire Congregation. We are immersed in the spirit of Advent, moving towards the coming of the Lord. The Word invites us to conversion and a deeper commitment. Yes, the call is in the air at the personal, community and congregational levels!

First of all, thank you for congratulating us on the feast of Mary Immaculate and the 152nd anniversary of the birth of our Congregation . It was a day of unity, even though we were scattered throughout the world.

Part of the General Government we were in Belo Horizonte – Brazil -. On that day, an image of the Immaculate Conception that Mother Candida gave to the sisters during the first missionary sending to Pirenopolis presided over the dining room of the Holy Trinity House.

The following are some of the family topics we share.


Graciela, has announced the new East Asian provincial government for the next triennium.

The dialogues for these offices of government are a true search for God’s will. We all felt inadequate for these services, but we placed ourselves at the side of Mother Candida and Mary, our Mother, pronouncing: Let it be done! And the Lord can do great things with our poverty.

Virtual meeting of local Superiors:

From November 27 to 30 we held a meeting of local Superiors from all over the region.
Congregation. It was an online meeting,“and how I wish it had been face-to-face!

Immersed in the essence of Mother Candida, they explored themes such as discernment, leadership and the art of commanding-obeying with heart.

We have vibrated together with what we transmit to each other. We also share challenges and, why not, concerns of our time. How to revive, to give a greater impetus to the local level of our lives is a great challenge that is incumbent upon all of us. I would like to thank all the superiors for their willingness to be present at the meeting during those days. I know what it takes to accommodate work schedules, as many have had to do.

Meeting in Latin America and the Caribbean:

From December 4 to 9, accompanied by the Councillors Sônia Regina Rosa, Thelma Barbarona and Maria Teresa Pinto, Graciela traveled to Belo Horizonte to meet with the two provincial governments of Andean America and Brazil-Caribbean. Graciela traveled to Belo Horizonte to meet with the two provincial governments of Andean America and Brazil-Caribbean.

It has been a time of listening, of authentic dialogue and of getting to know the reality of each province.

They were days of grace, of helping each other to see how to live our vocation with more enthusiasm, of encouraging each other in that which gives us life. To believe, once again, that the decrease is not bad news. There is good news in the decrease, which we are discovering little by little.

We end with the same wish that Graciela expresses in her letter: May the Lord continue to keep us united in this beautiful journey that we share.