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Letter to Maria Inez Furtado, from Cochabamba

May 9, 2017

Dear Maria Inez: Upon recalling, from the day before, one more year of your appointment as Superior General, we, the Daughters of Jesus of Andean America who are over 65 years old and who participated in the FORMATION ENCOUNTER we just had in Cochabamba want to express our gratitude for your service and animation in the government of the entire Congregation.
We pray for you and for the responsibilities you have at this time; in particular, for the appointment of the new government teams for Latin America and the Caribbean.
The erudite reading of the Formula, “source of the three desires” as you like to call it, and of the Constitutions, the work that Graciela facilitated in the second part of the encounter, was a treasure, motivating us to keep our vocation in its well-being from day to day in this stage of our life. In the first, Victor Codina S.I. enlightened us with his simplicity and wisdom “of an aged theologian”, in the deepening of the Kingdom and of the “action of the Spirit from below” that also evangelically stimulated our lives as Daughters of Jesus.
In Notiandina, you will read in more detail what this meeting meant, from which we all left very happy and grateful.
May the Virgin, in this month dedicated to her, continue to accompany you with her maternal protection.
A fraternal embrace from all and waiting for news, when you can.