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Maria Inez: “To resemble Jesus more and more and to show his face in the circumstances that we live”

April 9, 2017

On April 1, our Superior General, Maria Inez Furtado, after finishing her canonical visit to the Philippines and on her way to Myammar for the same, came to Japan to spend a few days of rest and enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape, especially in this time of cherry blossoms. We were sorry that she would not be able to enjoy as much as we would have wished, but the changes of climate and the accumulated fatigue were making themselves felt.

On the 5th, the sisters of the community of Japan met for an informal day of fraternization with Maria Inez. In her words of encouragement she made it very clear that the future, not only of Japan but of the entire Congregation, is in the hands of God and that what we have to do today is to live in fidelity the charism of the Congregation: to resemble Jesus more and more and to show his face in the circumstances that we live. For this, the present is a privileged moment, a moment of grace.
We deeply feel the absence of Esther Yamashita, who is fighting for her life in a hospital in Matsue, and that of the two sisters who are accompanying her there, Teresa Ikazaki FI and Marianita Teñoso FI. These last two were able to follow the talk of Maria Inez through Skype. We also felt the absence of Fuencisla Perlado FI that on this day was traveling from Spain on her way back from her vacations.
We also took advantage of being together to say goodbye to Carmen Segovia FI, who after 22 years as a missionary in Japan, has been assigned to the Philippines again.
In the afternoon we had the opportunity to see a video, prepared by Carmela Rey, Shotoku lay teacher, with the activities we had at the school, parish, etc. on the occasion of the departure of the Daughters of Jesus from Matsue and the closure of the Shotoku Preschool. We have felt the deep gratitude of the people for our work done over the years. After 63 years of mission in Matsue, getting out of there is a tough time for all, but in the words of Maria Inez: “We have planted life and with the help of the Spirit it will continue to fruition”.

We ended the day thanking God and Mary for all He has done and continues to do with us, followed by a dinner snack. After this, the different groups returned to their respective houses with renewed spirit, confidence and hope. “Everything is in the hands of God, He is our Father and never abandons us.”

Isabel Romero fi