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Matilde Polanco FI, about the visit of Pope Francisco to Colombia

September 13, 2017






Ever since Pope Francis’s visit to Colombia was announced, I felt the need to journey stripping myself of the path of sadness and pain that the oppressive systems of LIFE fabricate mercilessly.


I sensed that the word of FAITH, STRENGTH AND HOPE that FRANCIS communicates could be the vitamin supplement that the summer holidays would give me to continue listening to and welcoming the life that reaches me every morning in my sisters in community and in many others, thanks to whom we remain the amplified community of Venezuela.


The first plan was for all the sisters and other friends to go. It was not possible thanks to a system that curtails freedoms on all sides. But God the Father of Life who is expert in opening holes when doors are closed, gave me the courage to defy my fears and to dare to cross the border in other ways with Fr. Elvis Cabarca, with the sole dream of quenching our thirst for hope in the living fountain of Jesus Christ given to our Church through his disciple Francis.


The meeting was held in Cartagena de Indias, the cradle of human rights, which are severely violated in this part of Greater Colombia, where Elvis and I are also pilgrim disciples.


We traveled for two days by land. Along the way, we witnessed the painful scene of entire Venezuelan families leaving the country in search of economic well-being; we in search of Words of eternal life to continue sharing with our brothers and sisters the encouragement and hope that Jesus alone communicates.


Listening to the Pope praying for Venezuela in the Angelus prayer filled our hearts and renewed our commitment to our consecration. Like when we were surprised by the media, just as we entered the “Casa de San Pedro Claver”, when they realized that we were coming from Venezuela. I did not know that we were on the air at that very moment. We learned from the Sisters who saw us on television. Something we neither sought nor dreamed of because in our hearts there were other motives that moved us.


Just seeing Francis, at a distance of one meter, cheered our hearts; and his words of condemnation to those who snuff out life and undermine human dignity, renewed our commitment to love by serving with joy and freedom so many who in our beautiful Venezuela journey with no reason to continue trusting and waiting on the Lord of Life who leads our history.


Thank you, Pope Francis, for without knowing of our search you have been an instrument of the Father, strengthening our stubborn decision to believe and walk against ALL HOPE by opting for LIFE by surrendering ours with joy and simplicity.



Matilde Polanco FI



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