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Mother Candida Schools, a shockwave of life

March 18, 2024

Water is essential, it is vital. We all know that. A drop of water in the ocean we say is nothing, but drop by drop it doesn’t take long to fill a glass. A faucet that leaks a drop of water during a night can give us an upset, like a drop of water that leaks through a crack in the wall. “Drop by drop” a sick person is hydrated, fed or medically treated in the hospital. A drop seems like a small thing, but it can be a lot.

A drop by drop of life is being the adhesion to the Global Education Pact of the network of schools that educate in Mother Candida’s way. In just over a month we have received news that we have many drops of water:

  • San Martín de Porres School, Guachupita. Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic.
  • Santa María de la Paz School. Jesuitinas Educational Foundation (FEJ). Murcia. Spain.
  • Sacred Heart School (FEJ). Salamanca. Spain.
  • Sedes Sapientiae School and Kindergarten. Chutung. Taiwan.
  • María Virgen School (FEJ). Madrid. Spain.
  • Maria Assumpta School (FEJ). Noia, A Coruña. Spain.
  • María Reina School (FEJ). Madrid. Spain.
  • Miralba School (FEJ). Vigo, Pontevedra. Spain.

Sedes Sapientiae, María Reina, Sagrado Corazón, Santa María de la Paz, San Martín de Porres: they worked in the Cloisters, set the seal, are committed and continue to move forward.

The Board of Trustees of “Miralba” School has sought to connect the objectives of the strategic framework with the commitments of the Global Education Pact, linking the strategic initiatives with what the Pact proposes.

“Maria Assumpta” has dedicated a series of tutorials in which, given a situation, a solution was suggested individually and the feeling was expressed; then it was shared in a small group and in a large group.

“María Virgen” has done a courageous and sincere work, deep and simple, to discover signs of being in line with the Pact and also evidence of not being in line; from there they launch proposals for improvement: diversify tests, make tutorials more flexible, take care of the language, etc.

It is a whole torrent of life: the consideration of every person in their dignity, that children and young people feel that their initiatives are welcomed, that girls participate on an equal footing, that families feel responsible, that greater support is given to the most vulnerable, that progress is at the service of human beings, that the common home is protected by all.

The value of our educational practices will not be measured simply by passing standardized tests, but by the ability to touch the heart of a society and give birth to a new culture. A different world is possible and requires that we learn to build it, and this involves all of our humanity, both personal and communal.“.

Papa Francisco. Videomensaje en el encuentro de la Congregación para la Educación Católica.  Universidad Lateranense. 15 de octubre de 2020

So far, forty of the network’s educational works on three continents have joined the Pact. And in each project there is an educational community made up of dozens of teachers, hundreds of students and their families.

The challenge, after learning about the Pact and analyzing how we can be more coherent with its seven principles, is for each Center to influence its surroundings, as when a drop of water falls on more water and forms a shock wave.

María Teresa Pinto, FI.