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Mother Candida schools analyze their consistency with the PEG

October 12, 2023

At the end of June, the International Team of Educators wrote a letter and offered guidelines for this analysis by means of a worksheet.

The school year, in different countries, begins and ends at different times compared to others. In some it coincides with the calendar year, in others it does not, but there are other varieties in months and rhythms.

On the other hand, if educating has always been a delicate task, nowadays it has become much more complex due to the diversity of fronts that must be addressed when dealing with people as extremely vulnerable as we are in childhood and adolescence.

Another reality that abounds in schools today is conflict. Educating is basically establishing a relationship. Relationships are basic to human beings and, both at the international level and in national policies, social groups, families… our relationships are in crisis and managing conflicts adequately is not an easy task. When we educate

“we help people develop community awareness, discover the value and demands of living and working with others…” (NMPE 83, Pg. 38).

On the other hand, we are all learning to relate to each other until the end of our days. It is a reality:

Conflicts occur in all organizations. But these are especially intense in institutions in crisis, as is the case of the school of the 21st century.”. (OEI. Principals who make school. Bernardo Blejmar).

Sometimes, at school, facing a conflict takes energy away from other objectives.

At least for these three reasons, from the International Team of Educators, we encourage adherence to the Pact, regardless of whether it is done at one time or another. “There is always time!” we repeat. The dates we offer to approach one stage or another are indicative.

Thus, the last school to report its commitment to the Pact is the Virgen de la Paz, of the “Jesuitinas” Educational Foundation, in Almeria, Spain. And in their commitment they transmit this, so true: “WHAT WE ARE ASKED FOR IS IN OUR ROOTS, in the roots of the Virgen de la Paz School, which this year celebrates fifty years of educational work in the Piedras Redondas neighborhood”.

When we have committed ourselves to the Global Education Pact, we move on to Stage II and, by ANALYZING OUR COHERENCE WITH ITS OBJECTIVES, we affirm ourselves in the sense and validity of Our Own Way of Educating, in which we are always susceptible to grow, because we are alive!