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National Encounter of Missionaries of St. Candida, Brazil

September 13, 2016

The action of the Holy Spirit is revealing and mobilizing, requiring commitment and looking to the future

On August 27, in “Obra Social San José Operario” (St. Joseph the Worker Social Work), the Missionaries of St. Candida were able to live a very fruitful encounter of sharing and enjoying together.

Who are the Missionaries?
“A group of lay people who, upon getting in contact with the life and mission of Mother Candida, identify with it and dedicate themselves to work according to the charism: to live as sons and daughters of Jesus and have him in the center of their life”.
As Missionaries of Mother Candida we are called to evangelize and educate and for that we need to grow in familiarity with God and in reciprocity: Daughters of Jesus and laity. The “Obra Social” prepared the reception of the encounter and was delighted with the presence of 70 missionaries. Participants: the Superior General, Maria Inez Furtado; General Consultor Enaceyla Duarte, the Provincial Superior of Brazil Caribe S
ônia Regina Rosa, and the Superior of the Amplified Community Gisele Maria de Sousa, aside from other Daughters of Jesus and lay people from the regions of São Paulo, Mina / Rio / Goiás and Northeast. At this meeting the group updated the guidelines for the period 2016-2020; the new coordinators of the National Team were also elected. There was a motivation for the 3rd International Encounter of Laity to be held in the Philippines in 2018. The Church, after Vatican II, seeks to positively describe the layman; therefore, we the laity assume our role as baptized persons.
After the encounter, all left with a great challenge: “listen to the Holy Spirit in our mission”.