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Assignments to Cuba and collaboration with Venezuela

January 21, 2023

The Hijas de Jesus is to go (or stay) wherever the Congregation needs us.


In Circular letter no. 27, Graciela told us that she was still in talks for assignment to Cuba. These have been concluded and today we know the names of two other sisters who, together with Rosa Ortsfrom Spain, will be part of the community: Enriqueta Sevafrom Spain (Community of Almeria), and Patricia Yzaryfrom Argentina (Córdoba-Villa Ocampo Community).

Graciela expresses her gratitude:

I am deeply grateful to these sisters, to their communities, to their provincials, that we live “universal community” and help each other to be daring Daughters of Jesus “to go”. And I emphasize audacity, remembering that our Determination urges us to give “audacious” answers. I feel in my heart that the one we are giving is one more.


In March 2022, we learned about the new project which we were starting in Venezuela with the civil association of Mother Candida’s Family- Venezuela. At that time, Graciela told us: “In addition to this Association, we saw the convenience of having a ‘consultative council’ in which the Daughters of Jesus, who, without being present there continuously, nevertheless, wish to accompany this work,… And I am also considering who are Daughters of Jesus that will be able to accompany this project from wherever they are”.

These Daughters of Jesus will be:

Matilde Polancofrom the Dominican Republic, currently sent to her country.
Norma Graciela Granzottofrom Argentina, sent to the La Plata Community.
Blanca Esther Iriartefrom from Spain, currently the superior of the community of the Basque Country-Navarre.

In contact with the Provincial Superior of the Province of Andean America, they will look for a suitable way to support this new project.

We entrust to God this new experience that is being born, so that we may put our creativity at the service of those who need it most at this moment.