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From the Renewal Course 2023. A few days with the Constitutions

October 6, 2023

For the Hijas de Jesus, updating ourselves, and taking up our life and vocation cannot do without a time dedicated to the Constitutions. For this reason, we have been given a few days of peace and quiet for this purpose, accompanied by Clara Echarte FI. Clara reminded us that, in the CFI reading, we could use two paths: the charismatic and the genetic. The first way of access would be to start from what is first in our intention (Cfr. CFI 4), that is, union, government, and well-being (Parts VIII-X), and a second, to start from the beginning of life as Hijas de Jesus, admission and the beginning of formation. On this occasion, we will follow this second path.

The Constitutions, for the Hijas de Jesus, are not just any book, but it is the document approved by the Church, which confirms the charism and mission of Mother Candida as a possible way for us to live the Gospel. For this reason, Clara insisted on the need to dust them off, take them down from the shelves, and make them companions on our journey.

We were very happy and grateful that Clare made it possible for us to do this review and reconsideration of the Constitutions, with quiet time for personal spiritual reading and reflection in groups. We were able to share the novelty, doubts, and underlined that came up in each part. We would like to emphasize that we have realized, once again, with great gratitude to Mother Candida and those sisters who, with such care and daring, adapted the Constitutions to the challenges that arose from Vatican II that the language and internal logic of our CFIs are the Spiritual Exercises unfolded. They are not rules, but our life in the Spirit. Luckily, we will still have a few more days, dedicated to delving into the last three parts.

On another note, we had the joy of participating in the “Together” vigil of the Synod on Synodality. A beautiful, simple, and profound ecumenical experience that makes us feel that the path of peace and communion is possible.

Following the Synod, we want to tell you that we had a day of reflection with Sr. María José Gay, General Animator of the Teresian Missionary Carmelite Sisters. With her, we had a day to learn about the contribution of religious life through the UISG and the USG to the Synod. We were able to feel the palpitation of Religious Life in the face of synodality, we feel hope for what we are in the Church, but we believe that as consecrated life we need to be more open to others, especially to the laity.