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Thanks of the Daughters of Jesus in Bogota for the General Congregation XVIII

May 27, 2019

When we remembered, and almost without realizing it, this 18th congregational experience -for which we had all been preparing with due notice, actively living its different phases and accompanying it until its realization – had ended.


We simply offered the contributions discerned as communities in light of the material prepared by the general government and then, accompanied it with our continuous prayers, the whole time of its celebration in Rome.https://hijasdejesus.org/images/noticias/WhatsApp-Image-2019-05-02-at-20.34.33.jpeg

May was truly a dense month, with Mary totally present, for being a month dedicated to her in the Church. We started on the first day with the news of the election of the new Superior General, our beloved Sister Graciela Francovig; the next day, the election of the group of Sisters Consultors of the general government, with the universal congregation finding total representation in them. As the days passed, we were kept informed about what they could communicate through the COMMUNICATION TEAM, whom we thank for the simple way they kept us in touch with what they were living in Rome the entire period.

Of course, we thank each and every one of the sister delegates for the mission work done at that time for the good of the Congregation. The moments of work, of prayer, of searching as well as of relaxation that they were sharing.

Now, what remains is for us to know that announced Determination, to go into it and continue to grow in our well-being as Daughters of Jesus in order to go and proclaim our good God, Trinitarian, from a new horizon, reviving in our communities that experience in the daily encounter with Jesus and, with Him, also in our sisters and brothers. In a modern and postmodern society like the one we are living in today, which needs a new experience of God, beginning with ourselves, the Daughters of Jesus today, aware that our evangelizing work in the midst of this complex society is based on an impoverished experience of God, as noted by our good friend and brother José Antonio Pagola, in his book: “Anunciar hoy a Dios como buena noticia” [Proclaim God today as good news].

We count on the continuous light of the Spirit, with the presence of Mary our companion and lady of the way, and the constant encouragement of our beloved St. Cándida María de Jesús who today contemplates from heaven this gift of the Congregation at this moment, which will not be sustained with human means but with the protection and the tender and affectionate gaze of God who continues to encourage us to walk the path of the true Daughter of Jesus, as long as He wills at the personal and institutional level.

Once again, our gratitude goes to Ma. Inez Furtado and her government team. We wish them and all the sister delegates a safe return to their places of destination … We make ourselves ready to live this new phase of the 18th GC…


The Sisters of the House of Bogotá