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The Global Education Pact at Leopoldina College

June 26, 2023

The Leopoldina School (Brazil) tells us about its adherence to the Global Education Pact and the projects it is carrying out:

Pope Francis’ initiative to revive the commitment for and with the new generations through education encourages us, as a confessional school, to maintain initiatives and projects that prioritize an education grounded in humanistic values and solidarity.

Inclusive education and a warm embrace for all are central to our educational philosophy. At Immaculate Conception School, part of the Hijas de Jesus Network, we adhere to the Global Education Pact, channeling our efforts into initiatives that place the person at the core of these transformative endeavors.

In response to Pope Francis’ call, we recognize our responsibility and unwavering commitment to fostering the social change and transformation we aspire to achieve. Each one of us carries the responsibility to contribute impactful actions and services that promote change and foster active participation within our educational community.

The Global Compact for Education holds a significant position in our educational practice as educators. It is a subject that receives considerable attention and is extensively explored in our school’s Continuing Education Courses. We help our educators to know and, consequently, to adhere to this Project by providing them with knowledge and fostering their understanding of this Project, emphasizing our awareness of our role within the society we are a part of, and encouraging their active participation and adherence.

One of our notable initiatives is the “Women Making History” Project, which celebrates extraordinary women and their impactful contributions. This year, we had the privilege of welcoming a remarkable teacher who has devoted her life to teaching and empowering incarcerated individuals through reading. Her powerful and empathetic testimony deeply resonated with our students, and one of our talented students expressed their warm welcome through heartfelt piano performances. These women, despite facing challenging circumstances, have discovered comfort and fulfillment by embodying acts of generosity and compassion. (Their stories exemplify the transformative power of selfless actions.)

We prioritize guiding our students toward recognizing the value and significance of nature. Through the “We Love Mother Earth” project, we engage the children of the Kindergarten and Primary School I and provide meaningful contact with the land. They actively participate in activities such as planting, watering, and harvesting, allowing them to forge a connection with the natural world. Moreover, this project extends to exploring recipes and enjoying snacks amidst nature, fostering a profound understanding of the relationship between the land and its bountiful produce.

But, we know that in addition to cultivating, the environment must be preserved. Therefore, we have the following projects “Apenas um Lacre”, “Tampinha Solidária” and “Seja EsPETacular”, reducing, through these actions, undue waste. In addition to protecting nature, these initiatives include educators, students, and the school in the socio-political sphere of the city, since we exchange these materials, through a partner company, for resources that are destined for the purchase of wheelchairs and milk for the needy institutions. Thus, we have the opportunity to feel responsible for the care of human and environmental life.

We also carried out the Project “Love above all for everyone.” with the Levanta de Novo Therapeutic Community, a house that supports and shelters drug addicts free of charge. The young people of Fundamental Education II and High School edited a magazine “Revisiting History”, a document of an academic nature, accompanied by the teachers of the Human Sciences area and paid for with food that was later donated to the Therapeutic Community. In addition to social action, this initiative aims to show our students the importance of welcoming marginalized minorities, abandoned even by their own families who often no longer believe in their children. Within this institution, individuals find solace and a chance to rebuild their dignity, often serving as their sole opportunity to regain respect within society. Furthermore, an essential aspect of this endeavor involves assisting our young students in navigating the perils of drug use during adolescence. By addressing the risks of chemical dependency, we aim to prevent the hindrance of a fulfilling social and professional life, ultimately enabling them to pursue their dreams and aspirations with unwavering determination

The Seal of the Covenant The presence of the company in different areas of the institution communicates to everyone the value and the importance of adhering to and embracing according to our context, the 7 commitments of the Global Compact for Education. This is our Inmaculada, a place that admires and cultivates the beauty of life and human existence through a full education that forms students and transforms lives.