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Today, the One Who opened the way for us, was born.

May 30, 2022


“On May 31, 1845, at six in the morning, the first light (Juana Josefa Cipítria y Barriola) saw the light between the solid walls of the old Berrospe Tower-House”.
One hundred and seventy-seven years later we congratulate each other, we remember her and we recognize her work. A date that we remember for another fact: this very day she was baptized. From the beginning, Juana Josefa was a “me only for God.” It was the feast of the Virgin, in the invocation of the Mother of Beautiful Love. One hundred and seventy-seven years later, on the same day, we celebrate the Visitation of Mary.

It is significant that on December 8, the feast of the Virgin, of the Immaculate Conception, the Congregation founded by M. Cándida was born. It is as if the two
women were always hand in hand.

Today we celebrate the birth to life, and to the life of faith, of which M. Cándida would be. We imagine her opening her eyes and as if the first thing she had seen was María leaving in search of Isabel. Mary is going to receive good news and to be a messenger of the Good News.

And that was the life of M. Cándida, welcoming the gift of feeling like a daughter in her Son and a constant availability to bring the Good News of Jesus wherever God called her.

Congratulations, great Family of M. Cándida, Daughters of Jesus and laity! We are partying because the one who paved the way for us was born. Today we are asked to respond to Calls to apostolic action, new steps on a path that continues to give life to the world.

Let us pray for each other so that it may be so.

Graciela Francovig, Superior General and Councillors, Rome, May 31, 2022